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Seasons of Jena is a Memory Care Community providing specialized care to male and female residents with Alzheimer's or Dementia related illnesses.  Our intimate and secure setting offer a comfortable atmosphere for residents with specialized activities to meet individual needs and abilities.  In our community, you will find:

  • Private and Semi-Private Rooms available
  • Enclosed courtyard
  • Family Style Private Dining
  • Dedicated and trained caregivers
  • Support and education for residents and families through the Louisiana Alzheimer's Association

Residents with memory related disorders require sensitive care over the progressive course of their illness.  We are a progressive unit with activities and programming; the difference is that activities are scheduled and programming is activities we encourage that are not scheduled.

For example, encouraging our residents to help set up and clear the tables for meals, washing dishes, folding towels, sweeping, watering plants, etc. All tasks they would normally do at home, but they assist with here because of our belief of offering a homelike environment but still providing a structured schedule with routines which avoid confusion and allow our residents to become acclimated to the community. 

A typical day in our community might include:

9:30am:     Exercise Class

Leg strengthening program developed through our Therapy Department offered six days a week

10:30am:   Cookie Baking

Done by the residents, cued by the staff.  Residents read the recipes, measure ingredients, stir, etc.  This simple activity stimulates their brains, manipulates their fingers and offer an appetite stimulating aroma which increases meal consumption at lunch.

11:30am:   Daily Chronicles

Newspaper from a website specifically designed for Alzheimer's patients.  They are encouraged to take turns reading out loud and discussing the information while waiting for lunch.

2:30pm:     Courtyard stroll

When weather is nice.

3:30pm:     Scarf Dancing

This is a gentle soothing physical exercise to help lessen agitation and confusion that often starts at this time of the day.

4:15pm:     Music Bingo

Keeping our residents engaged in the afternoon is extremely beneficial to preventing the negative side effects of sundowning.

Everything that we do is carefully planned so that we can offer optimal care for Alzheimer's residents, for example, our family style-dining.  White place mats are set on tables with red dishes, red glasses and silverware on yellow cloth napkins.  Red and yellow were chosen for several reasons; they are both colors that the residents can easily distinguish.  The disease affects their eyesight, the way colors appear to them and spatial distances.  Studies have shown that eating and drinking out of red dishes increases meal and liquid consumption. Every evening we offer hand and foot massages and/or back massages to help them relax prior to them retiring for the evening. 


Memory Enhancement Training


While there is no cure today for Alzheimer's or Dementia related disorders, research is continually being conducted to find ways to extend the quality of life for those with the long term debilitating disease.  Memory enhancement training with a focus on conditioning the long term memory can assist the resident with daily tasks requiring recall, repetition and naming. 

Our professionals have been highly trained to provide compassionate care for the unique needs of our residents.  Programming provides emotional and therapeutic activities to maintain the remaining strengths and abilities of each resident.  Special emphasis is placed on recognizing individually and contributing to the resident's self worth.


Dementia Care


The changing needs of a patient with dementia are a challenge for the family and caregivers.  Realizing that dementia impacts all areas of life, this program incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach to monitor and support activities of daily living, social interaction, cognitive stimulation and ambulation.